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Don't fall for the Black Trader scam trick

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Don't fall for the Black Trader scam trick Empty Don't fall for the Black Trader scam trick

Post by Admin 7th June 2015, 2:38 pm

As you will know there are many many scammers on TWOM.

Ill be exposing their tricks on here to help keep you safe.

The BT (Black Trader) scam trick is a scam thats been around a while. The scammer will set up items in BT for much more than they are worth to fool a target into buying it or trading items for it.

How it works.

The scammer on one account (A) puts an item on BT usually a book page for an IV skill or some other junk item worth nothing on for an inflated price. lets say 5 million.

The scammer then logs another account (B) which is usually naked and pretends to be a returning player. They will have a copy of the item they just put on BT Via character (A)

They will then try to sweet talk you into either putting the item on BT for them in exchange for your items/gold or try to direct sell the item to you claiming its a rare item and refer to the BT they just setup with a false price as a measure of convincing you.
They may also log a third character (c) who will act as a distraction to try and confused you into the trade.

IMPORTANT:: If something in TWOM sounds too good to be true, it is. Rare books are always sold directly as a whole book. Returning players don't hassle other players in the village, they tend to just get on with it.


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