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Post by Admin 16th September 2015, 2:41 pm

OK after a strange event on TZ. Myself and another player began investigating. What we found was a scam that can be done easily, even with a MM doing the usual job.

The scammer, sets up the scam first by requesting a password rest link, which is sent to his email. on the account hes trying to fake, trade/sell

What this does is send a hard link to his email which can be used up to 24 hours after the link is sent. This will over ride any password on the account.

Ok from there the scammer goes to fake trade/sell his account.

once hes found his mark. he then finds a MM and sometimes witnesses. This may even be a well known trusted MM, it doesnt matter as the MM will not know whats about to happen as is often left at blame for this scam.

when all fake terms have been agreed, the MM will get the details or the buyer will get the details.

If the buyer or MM intializes at this point it will lock out the scammer and in turn the scammer would lock out you also by using his link.

At this point your probably all stood around in the village the buyer/MM says they have changed the password and email. and they declare the account is safe. but its anything but safe, as…

Behind the scenes the scammer uses the pw reset link. what this does is to change the pw which can be done unnoticed by the player logged in. however as soon as they log out they will not be able to log in. if they try to change any details while logged in they will not be able to also. meaning the account has gone back into the possession of the scammer.

Because his was done behind the scenes and its quite hard to obtain proof of this. the MM usually gets the blame.

To avoid this, you can either not buy/trade. Or make sure you initialise straight away, this although it wont prevent a scam will decrease the chance, as more then likely the scammer doesn't want to lose his account in the process. If he uses the pw reset link after the account has been initialised sure he will have the pw, but they wont be able to log the account into twom, only hive. And they will not have the correct security code for the access. IF YOU CANT INITIALISE DO NOT TRADE.


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