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Gladius +9 VS Dark Steel Sword +8

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Gladius +9 VS Dark Steel Sword +8 Empty Gladius +9 VS Dark Steel Sword +8

Post by Admin 14th June 2015, 10:01 am

i finally got my hands on a Gladius +9 so i was finally able to compare these two, here are the results.


Cost: 8m-15m
Average crits: 250
Best Crit (after 5 mins): 376
Best Deadly (after 5 mins): 525

Dark Steel Sword +8

Cost: 15-35m
Average crits: 325
Best Crit (after 5 mins) 476
Best Deadly (after 5 mins) 681

Critical and deadly tests, were set to 32 strength, and performed on the lighthouse beach, on the guards top left swamp exit.


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