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Gladius 9 vs Gladius 8

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Gladius 9 vs Gladius 8 Empty Gladius 9 vs Gladius 8

Post by Admin 7th August 2015, 10:35 pm

ok on TZ server theres a famed glad+9. However its stats are only HR4. i've growing tired of ppl saying this glad 9 is the strongest glad in the server, i didnt think it was so performed a test.

glad9 hr4 Vs glad8 5hr 5str

taking the results from the previous test of the glad9 as i no longer have access to it.

Gladius+9 hr4 done with a set of 32 str no boosts.

Cost: 8m-15m
Average crits: 250
Best Crit (after 5 mins): 376
Best Deadly (after 5 mins): 525

Gladius +8 5hr 5str at 37 str due to the extra str on the sword vs this glad 9.

Cost: 7.5-10m
Average crits: 225-250
Best Crit (after 5 mins): 420
Best Deadly (after 5 mins): 663

so to me id much rather have the glad8 with better stats.


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